Renewable U Energy Inc. is a private Alberta corporation. Renewable U is bringing investors and strategic partners together in participation with Cielo Waste Solutions Corp. (, on a joint venture basis, to build and operate environmentally friendly green facilities that convert garbage to high-grade renewable diesel and aviation fuels.

Renewable U Energy Inc. has incorporated stand-alone subsidiary companies to build JV facilities with Cielo, in territories encompassing Grande Prairie AB, Medicine Hat AB, Lethbridge AB, as well as in Nova Scotia.

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About Cielo

Cielo has developed a proven and patent-pending technology in conjunction with a related party, which will produce a high cetane, ultralow sulfur renewable diesel, kerosene and naphtha fuels. Feedstock for the refinery is the world’s most available and inexpensive feedstock of household, commercial and construction/demolition garbage, including feedstocks of Municipal Solid Waste (“MSW”) and cellulosic materials such as wet organics (compost), all plastics, paper, tires, cardboard, sawdust and wood.

Cielo has an exclusive global license from a related party for a game-changing refining process (“the technology”) that can convert multiple different waste streams into renewable diesel at a considerably lower cost than biodiesel companies. Almost every developed country in the world has a mandate to blend renewable fuels, and Cielo will be selling into this growing market. The global applications of Cielo’s technology are enormous.